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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Iván Trigos Iván says:

    Clear and to the point
    Very nice work!

  2. Avatar of Willie Durham Willie says:

    Time and Motion
    This is a super session


    Well done
    Thank you very much

  4. Avatar of Aditya Vaidya Aditya says:

    Simple and short, Thanks a lot Shawna

  5. Avatar of Dustin Wendel Dustin says:

    History and Definitions
    Simple and short, bit not as value-adding as I was expecting.

  6. Avatar of Ashif Abbas Ashif says:

    Simple and short, Thanks a lot Shawna

  7. Avatar of Sadat Shams Sadat says:

    Good and Time Effective
    Excellent Course

  8. Avatar of John Jerome John says:

    Introduction to Time and Motion Study
    The course was well put together and very basic; gave a good introduction to the subjects. I can’t say I’m too pleased that none of the videos ever played and there’s no way to get direct remedy from uttana on this. Also, I satisfactorily completed the quiz (pretty sure I got all the questions right), however, my score shows “0%”. I’m not sure I’ll take any more courses from this site. Thank you.-John

  9. Avatar of Saurabh Jain Saurabh says:

    Nice Course!!
    Great introductory course about time and motion study.

  10. Avatar of Paul Gray Paul says:

    Nice introductory course
    Informative and concise.

  11. Avatar of Noah Odtohan Noah says:

    Very nice course. Thanks!

  12. Avatar of Madhuri Gauba Madhuri says:

    Excellent Course
    Basic Concepts are nicely explained.

  13. Avatar of Mbavhalelo Budeli Mbavhalelo says:

    Introduction to time and motion studies
    Thank you so much Shawna for this free lean training course on time and motion studies. As an IE graduate student in my company who works with time studies everyday to develop work standards, this course was very helpful to me. Thank you very much © All rights reserved . MT