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    There are several recurring problems that organizations can face when implementing a Kanban system.

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  • Group logo of Preparing for Value Stream Mapping
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    This course provides an overview of the metrics and measurements you will need to take in order to create the best possible Value Stream Maps.

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  • Group logo of 5S’s of the 5S Methodology
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    Deepen your knowledge with this in-depth examination of each of the 5S steps. This course walks you through the sequence of…

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  • Group logo of How to: Implementing 5S Activities
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    This course provides a step-by-step breakdown of how to fully implement your own customized 5S program.

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  • Group logo of History of Lean
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    This course covers the time leading up to Lean Manufacturing’s inception, including the key people, and events in history that shaped how Lean…

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Visual Management
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    Visual Management is one of the central principles of Lean. A visual workplace makes communication between departments easier, makes…

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  • Group logo of Lean Communication
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    This course addresses the need for communicating with your workforce.

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  • Group logo of Implementing Kanban Step-by-Step
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    This course provides a step-by-step implementation plan for rolling out a basic Kanban program within your organization.

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  • Group logo of Understanding the Different Types of Kanban
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    Kanban commonly come in 3 different types. Learn how to use Withdrawal, Production, and Supplier Kanban in this in-depth course..

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Kanban
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    Discover the basics of a Kanban System including the definition of Kanban, benefits of the system, and various options for physical Kanban control points.

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  • Group logo of TPM and Autonomous Maintenance
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    Autonomous Maintenance is an essential part of the TPM process. With this system, operators are able to prevent equipment errors by…

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  • Group logo of Long Term Success Factors for 5S
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    Beginning your 5S implementation is often easy, but keeping the program running strong within your organization is much trickier.

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  • Group logo of Implementing VSM Step 1: Current State
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    This in-depth course shows how to measure and map your current state of operations to establish baselines, both within and beyond your organization.

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  • Group logo of The Essential Forms of Standard Work
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    By utilizing the forms of Standard Work you will ensure your implementation is smooth and successful.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to the 5S Concept
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    This course provides an overview of 5S, what 5S stands for, and why using 5S is essential to your Lean Journey.

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  • Group logo of Advancing the Concept of Lean
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    Creating a culture of continuous improvement does not happen overnight, it needs to be nurtured, explored and supported.

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  • Group logo of Flow Concept for Manufacturing Design
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    One of the key concepts to a successful Lean transformation is how the product ”flows” through your facility.

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  • Group logo of Advanced Concepts of Lean Wastes in the 21st Century
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    This course outlines the latest waste categorization concepts, including Norman Bodek’s 8th Waste of Lean.

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  • Group logo of Suppliers and Providers
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    In order to extend lean principles throughout the entire supply chain, communication is critical.

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  • Group logo of An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving
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    A3 is a highly effective, but often misused Lean technique to streamline your problem solving process.

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