What is Visual Management as a Lean Tool?

In order to continuously improve and progress as an organization, people need to observe, communicate and share information. Visual Management is a strategy that seeks to make information easy to interpret and immediately available. By using simple visual cues, you can manage scheduling, processes, inventory and much more.

Our Visual Management courses cover everything from the basic concepts up to advanced implementation.

 One of the unique offerings of uttana.com are the hundreds of photos we make available for download. Beneath every video, we have attached transcripts, PowerPoint presentations and yes, pictures showing examples of what is being taught. In our visual management courses, we have several examples for each video showing how you can build a successful visual management system.

Visual Management uses everything from simple colors and patterns, to signs, detailed charts, and electric lights. Environments created using these methods are filled with valuable information that can easily be interpreted and acted upon. Visual Management paints a picture of how a workplace is functioning, with every employee acting as an artist. This vibrant display of information is invaluable to any type of organization. When everyone has access to such information, it allows them to coordinate their efforts toward common goals.

Click here to view our entire catalog of Visual Management training videos. You can begin learning this Lean tool today!

July 22, 2014

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