Build a Kanban system that works!

It is a complicated concept but Kanban can be highly effective with the right implementation. It can be applied to almost any work environment from a busy office environment to an industrial manufacturer.

Kanban was invented by the Japanese crusader of Lean, Taiichi Ohno. It translates to “signal card” in English. Overall, Kanban can assist your business in:

* Assigning information to every item in your process
* Establishing simple visual production and replenishment information
* Reducing Work-in-Process and overproduction
* Eliminating waste

Kanban are most often inventory cards.

Each card identifies an item, and designates the upstream and downstream processes that the item is associated with. Kanban systemizes information to align processes with customer demand to avoid overproduction and other wastes. The Kanban system creates an environment where production begins when signaled by the Kanban card. This signal is only triggered by customer demand.

You can view our entire catalog of Kanban courses by clicking here. Our courses cover everything from basic Kanban definitions to advanced implementation.

August 7, 2014

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