Reduce your Changeover Time with SMED!

Single Exchange of Die or SMED is a setup reduction and quick changeover system, designed to bring the changeover time for a machine to less than 10 minutes. This minimizes the time that a process is down while being changed from one product to another. This process was developed by Dr. Shigeo Shingo and is an essential component of every modern manufacturing environment.

Click here to explore how to implement SMED in your organization. SMED, while focused on manufacturing and equipment, can be applied to a wide variety of organizations.

For example, consider how to reduce changeover time for processing different types of paper applications or carrying out different procedures in a medical office. Once you open your eyes to the benefits of SMED, you can see that quick changeovers will improve operations no matter what those operations are.

The modern consumer demands a wide variety of products and by reducing the size of batch of products, you can diversify and customize the products you are producing. SMED is the magic bullet towards making that happen.

Our SMED courses cover everything from a basic introduction to advanced implementation of SMED. Whether you need a short powerpoint presentation to explain SMED to your team or definitions of some of the more technical terms, üttana has you covered.

July 10, 2014

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