Introducing: Barriers to Lean

Frustrated that your manager “just doesn’t get it”? Banging your head against the wall because your team doesn’t want to go Lean? Struggling with implementing 5S in a union shop? Have no fear, üttana is here to help with “Barriers to Lean”!

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With our newest series, you will learn how to overcome objections and build the support you need for a successful Lean effort.

Building Support for Lean Efforts
Learn how to persuade coworkers and management about the importance and need for Lean. This course walks you through everything you need to overcome organizational barriers to Lean implementation and even addresses Labor concerns with a Lean effort.

Changing Minds
In this course, you learn how to unlock hidden talents to better motivate your employees and coworkers in their Lean efforts. Discover what to do to bring that resistant employee into the fold and examine the power of a Change Agent in preventing Burnout among your team.

January 27, 2014

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