• Group logo of Introduction to the 5S Concept
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    This course provides an overview of 5S, what 5S stands for, and why using 5S is essential to your Lean Journey.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Lean Supply Chain
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    A truly Lean organization extends its principles beyond the shop floor. Discover how Lean principles and techniques can help increase the capabilities…

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  • Group logo of Inventory Management
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    Inventory is one of the easiest wastes to identify. However, it is also one of the hardest to completely eliminate because there are often situations…

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  • Group logo of Scheduling Principles
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    Forecasting and scheduling are essential tools for leveling production and meeting customer demand. This course will show you the Lean…

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Kanban
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    Discover the basics of a Kanban System including the definition of Kanban, benefits of the system, and various options for physical Kanban control points.

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  • Group logo of An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving
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    A3 is a highly effective, but often misused Lean technique to streamline your problem solving process.

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  • Group logo of Warehouse Management
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    Manage and understand your warehouse better by implementing the improvements made throughout this course.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to 3P
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    In this introduction to 3P, or Production Preparation Process, you will learn what the benefits to using this process are and how you can begin to use it within your organization.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Visual Management
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    Visual Management is one of the central principles of Lean. A visual workplace makes communication between departments easier, makes…

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