• Group logo of Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance
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    This course gives you a broad look at the ideas, concepts, and history that make up Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

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  • Group logo of An Explanation of the Key Forms Used in TPM
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    A key component of any successful TPM program is documentation of the process.

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  • Group logo of Tools and Techniques of Hoshin Kanri
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    Key to implementing Hoshin Kanri is understanding how to use the tools and techniques that are vital to an effective Hoshin plan.

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  • Group logo of Utilizing SMED Forms for the Best Advantage
    active 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    The difference between mediocre results and amazing results when implementing a new system is often the effectiveness of the tools that are used.

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  • Group logo of Using Time and Motion Study for Process Improvement
    active 3 weeks ago

    Time and Motion Study is not just about recording and evaluating performance. In order for this data to be of value, it must be used to make processes…

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  • Group logo of Pull Signals in a Lean Supply Chain
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    The concept of “pull” is vital for effective implementation of Lean. This course shows how pull systems can be established within a supply chain using…

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  • Group logo of Phases of 3P
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    Key to implementing 3P in your organization is understanding the phases of 3P that you will go through.

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  • Group logo of Implementing TPM: What You Should Expect
    active 1 month ago

    Implementing TPM can be a complicated and occasionally challenging process. This course shows how to enact each of the key…

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  • Group logo of Useful SMED Techniques to Achieve Quick Changeovers
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    In order to achieve quick and effective changeovers you need to have a firm grasp on identifying, grouping, and eliminating wasteful setup tasks.

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  • Group logo of Flow Concept for Manufacturing Design
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    One of the key concepts to a successful Lean transformation is how the product ”flows” through your facility.

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  • Group logo of Key Japanese Leaders that Influenced the Toyota Production System
    active 2 months ago

    Discover the history and motivations behind the brilliant minds that developed Lean as we know it today, and what sparked the groundbreaking Toyota…

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  • Group logo of Support and Management Aspects of Your TPM Program
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    There are plenty of non-production related issues to consider when you are implementing your TPM program.

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  • Group logo of Calculations for Time and Motion Study
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    One of the most important factors of Time and Motion Study is recording and interpreting data.

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  • Group logo of Value Steam Mapping and the Kanban System
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    This course provides both an overview of the Kanban System and how it integrates with Value Stream Mapping.

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