• Group logo of Implementing Kanban Step-by-Step
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    This course provides a step-by-step implementation plan for rolling out a basic Kanban program within your organization.

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  • Group logo of Understanding the Different Types of Kanban
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    Kanban commonly come in 3 different types. Learn how to use Withdrawal, Production, and Supplier Kanban in this in-depth course..

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Kanban
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    Discover the basics of a Kanban System including the definition of Kanban, benefits of the system, and various options for physical Kanban control points.

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  • Group logo of An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving
    active 6 hours, 39 minutes ago

    A3 is a highly effective, but often misused Lean technique to streamline your problem solving process.

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  • Group logo of Kaizen Event Charter and Tracking
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    Documentation is a vital component of any kaizen event. The kaizen event charter will help you plan, evaluate, and follow through with improvement activity.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Time and Motion Study
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    Time and Motion Study is one of the most fundamental and long-standing Lean methodologies.

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  • Group logo of Creating a Foundation for Time and Motion Study
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    Before taking on any process improvement effort, it is important to know what you will need and what to expect.

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