• Group logo of Introduction to the 5S Concept
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    This course provides an overview of 5S, what 5S stands for, and why using 5S is essential to your Lean Journey.

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  • Group logo of Lean Fundamentals
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    The Lean Fundamentals course provides an overview of basic Lean Manufacturing principles and what you need to get started.

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  • Group logo of The Lean Committee
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    In order to have a successful new Lean program you need to create a Lean Committee to create the organizational structure to support ongoing implementation.

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  • Group logo of 5S’s of the 5S Methodology
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    Deepen your knowledge with this in-depth examination of each of the 5S steps. This course walks you through the sequence of…

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  • Group logo of Advancing the Concept of Lean
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    Creating a culture of continuous improvement does not happen overnight, it needs to be nurtured, explored and supported.

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  • Group logo of Why Lean?
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    Discover the advantages of Lean over traditional mass production manufacturing, and how the world’s leading organizations have used…

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  • Group logo of History of Lean
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    This course covers the time leading up to Lean Manufacturing’s inception, including the key people, and events in history that shaped how Lean…

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  • Group logo of Key U.S. Players that Influenced Lean Manufacturing
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    Learn how some of the top thinkers in the United States helped contribute to, and shape, the conception of Lean Manufacturing’s principles…

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  • Group logo of Key Japanese Leaders that Influenced the Toyota Production System
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    Discover the history and motivations behind the brilliant minds that developed Lean as we know it today, and what sparked the groundbreaking Toyota…

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