What are Time and Motion Studies?

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Time and Motion Studies are a collection of techniques to record raw data for improvement efforts. While it has its roots in the historical work of Frederick Taylor, modern efficiency experts use motion diagrams, stop watches and other data gathering devices to reduce and remove waste. Our series takes a look at the history behind this research and looking forward on how you pull the best practices into your facility.

Explore the use of a distance measuring wheel. As I stressed in our blog post about the Waste of Motion, there are many ways to eliminate extra motion in your day-to-day activities but if you do not have a baseline data of the current state, you do not know how much you have improved. Time and Motion studies enable you to assess and improve your operations on a basic level.

Naturally, we exaggerated some of the challenges with diagramming motion in our Lean-themed comedy series, “Everybody Get Lean.” Watch the Expira Office team struggle with distance measuring devices, motion diagrams and more in the clip below.

Brush up on your Lean history with our course, “Key U.S. Players that Influenced Lean Manufacturing.”

October 16, 2014

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