How Do I Create Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is difficult to define and even harder to create but it is absolutely essential to a highly functioning organization. Organizations with engaged employees are safer, more productive and far more successful. But before we get ahead of ourselves, I think it is essential that we answer the simple question:

What is Employee Engagement? 

üttana President Collin McLoughlin defines it as, “an environment where employees want to apply their discretionary efforts to their work.” To put it more casually, it means employees are thinking about what they do, they enjoy coming to work and they are committed to success.

There are different levels of engagement. An “Engaged” employee will be passionate about their work and eager to innovate. A “Not Engaged” employee is sleep-working through their workday. They are putting in the time but not the energy or passion. Finally, there are “Actively Disengaged” employees, they are beyond checked out and actively undermining the work of engaged employees.

According to Gallup, in 2012 only 30% of the workforce was engaged in their work, with 52% not engaged and 18% actively disengaged. That means that at any organization, it is likely that 70% of your workforce is not fully committed towards your goals!

So how do you change this? 

One of the key methods is ownership. If employees feel like they have control over their process, with the ability to improve their own work environment and be responsible for meeting those internal goals then they will feel more engaged in the process.

April 21, 2014

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