3 Reasons Your Office Needs a Kanban System

Kanban is frequently associated with suppliers and manufacturers but it is an essential part of any Lean office. While Kanban systems come in all shapes and sizes, the basic premise is the same. A Kanban is a visual signal, typically a card or container, used by a downstream process to signal that it needs to be replenished. Learn more about Kanban in our video series “Kanban”.

This Lean tool can be applied to any work environment, but here are three reasons why it needs to be a part of your office environment.

 1. No more stockpiling office supplies!

Say goodbye to the supply closet and hello to just what you need. With an office supply Kanban, you will always be on top of this. Instead of cabinets and cabinets of printer paper, simply place a Kanban midway into a single stack.. This will signal the person who uses it to arrange for a reorder and you will have a fresh stack only when you need it. Replace the Kanban and the system sustains itself.

2. You can stop searching for that lost file.

How many times have you had to dig through your email box looking for a specific file? Using a digital content system, you can assign due dates, subtasks and, yes, the relevant files. Whether you use an internal software or a free program like Asana, project management can become a breeze with digital Kanban systems.

3. Never buy the wrong printer ink again!

Kanban cards contain all the essential information for reordering supplies. When you are refilling your (now small) stash of supplies, include the product number on the Kanban to make ordering as error-proof as possible. That way no more costly reorders and returns.

Establishing a Kanban system can be intimidating but with our Kanban video series, you will be reaping the benefits in no time. Check out our video series by clicking this link.

December 22, 2014

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