• Group logo of The Essential Forms of Standard Work
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    By utilizing the forms of Standard Work you will ensure your implementation is smooth and successful.

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  • Group logo of Useful SMED Techniques to Achieve Quick Changeovers
    active 5 hours, 3 minutes ago

    In order to achieve quick and effective changeovers you need to have a firm grasp on identifying, grouping, and eliminating wasteful setup tasks.

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  • Group logo of The Path to Visual Management
    active 7 hours, 40 minutes ago

    Visual Management involves much more that just the application of visual tools.

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  • Group logo of An Explanation of the Key Forms Used in TPM
    active 8 hours, 14 minutes ago

    A key component of any successful TPM program is documentation of the process.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Hoshin Kanri
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    Hoshin Kanri, or Policy Deployment, is a far-reaching approach used to connect the objectives of people at all levels of the organization to common goals.

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  • Group logo of Implementing VSM Step 1: Current State
    active 12 hours, 22 minutes ago

    This in-depth course shows how to measure and map your current state of operations to establish baselines, both within and beyond your organization.

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  • Group logo of Value Stream Mapping and Discrete Manufacturing
    active 12 hours, 42 minutes ago

    This course explains what Cell Manufacturing is, where it originated, and how it can be used to streamline your operations while creating…

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  • Group logo of Introduction to Lean Layout
    active 17 hours, 36 minutes ago

    It’s important to first understand the basic elements that comprise a Lean Layout. This includes concepts such as Just-in-Time, the minimization of…

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  • Group logo of Motivating Employees and Providing Focus using the FAST Concept
    active 20 hours, 57 minutes ago

    This course provides an in-depth look at the FAST approach to categorizing changeover tasks, including defining the FAST acronym and explaining the benefits of a team based setup approach to changeovers.

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  • Group logo of Balancing Flow with Common Factory Design Concept
    active 21 hours, 11 minutes ago

    How does the concept of flow fit with a modern factory layout? Explore the challenges that can impede a solid flow design…

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  • Group logo of Implementing VSM Step 2: Future State
    active 21 hours, 13 minutes ago

    This course explains how to create a Future State Map, and shows the importance of noting particular measurements and metrics.

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  • Group logo of Overview of Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
    active 22 hours, 3 minutes ago

    This course provides a comprehensive look at how VSM can help you streamline your operations. It will give you the foundational understanding…

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  • Group logo of The Lean Committee
    active 1 day, 1 hour ago

    In order to have a successful new Lean program you need to create a Lean Committee to create the organizational structure to support ongoing implementation.

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  • Group logo of Warehouse Management
    active 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Manage and understand your warehouse better by implementing the improvements made throughout this course.

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  • Group logo of Support and Management Aspects of Your TPM Program
    active 1 day, 3 hours ago

    There are plenty of non-production related issues to consider when you are implementing your TPM program.

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  • Group logo of Introduction to the 5S Concept
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    This course provides an overview of 5S, what 5S stands for, and why using 5S is essential to your Lean Journey.

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  • Group logo of Deeper Understanding of Lean Through 5MQS
    active 1 day, 17 hours ago

    Deepen your understanding of wastes in the workplace through the advanced concepts of waste elimination: 5MQS.

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  • Group logo of Understanding the Different Types of Kanban
    active 2 days ago

    Kanban commonly come in 3 different types. Learn how to use Withdrawal, Production, and Supplier Kanban in this in-depth course..

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  • Group logo of Lean Fundamentals
    active 2 days ago

    The Lean Fundamentals course provides an overview of basic Lean Manufacturing principles and what you need to get started.

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  • Group logo of Preparing for Value Stream Mapping
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    This course provides an overview of the metrics and measurements you will need to take in order to create the best possible Value Stream Maps.

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