Uttana.com launches SaaS LMS

Uttana.com launches SaaS LMS for Lean and Sustainability

üttana, founded in 2013 and niche player in the Edtech space, launching an LMS for Consultants and Organizations in the Lean Manufacturing Industry using the latest generation of SaaS LMS technology. uttana.com morphs great mobile learning content with a SaaS LMS that is build for business designed by business.

This is the only designed platform that is designed with the trainer and employee in mind. Uttana.com offers world-class high-impact learning content and Learning Management System as one online product to a global business market. It is the perfect tool for all sized businesses to drive efficiency, improvements and sustainability. Industry is excited about the value that uttana.com for organizations brings.

The library offers more than 400 quality videos about business improvement in subjects such as 5S, 3P, Lean, Kaizen, TPM, VSM and much more. The library grows faster and at lower costs compared to traditional eLearning providers thanks to üttana’s integrated business model. All videos are designed for self-paced, granulated, and mobile learning. The new SaaS LMS technology is HR and talent manager friendly and can easily be integrated with existing ERP technologies.

It offers the latest capabilities in LMS generations such as assigning courses and creating learning plans, track web-related activity for learning, issuing online badges and certificates, and much more. Uttana.com pioneers the concept of the “active monthly user concept” which means organizations are only charged for learners that are actually taking courses.

Gone are the expensive monthly general subscriptions! Uttana.com has invented an economical model that is as efficient training for 1 as 100,000. Collin McLoughlin, Founder and President, has more than 20 years of industry experience in operational excellence, consulting and as business owner. CoFounders are Jun Nakamuro, with 10 years experience in database architecture as well as Lean and Kaizen, and Patrik Andersson, with extensive international experience in marketing and innovation bringing 30 companies to market as the Director of Sweden’s largest business incubator Ideon Innovation.


üttana’s mission is to make continuing education easy and effortless for professionals, employees, and organizations. We want to engage peoples mind and release hidden potential across organizations. Our way is to be an online-based eLearning solution provider that offers B2C and B2B-markets competence-based online videos about business improvements.

March 6, 2015
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