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monitor clients progress

Monitor All Employees' Progress

Create and monitor employees' learning with our content and with yours.

customize your Lean Workshops

Access Expert Content Instantly

Industry best content, take away learning formality, work and educate are now one.

Improve Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Engagement

A blended educational approach, aligned to strategy; ensuring sustainability.

increase your revenue today

Lower Training and Management Costs

No coordination, self-managed learning, and an economical pricing model.

Your LMS comes with 400+ Videos on Lean and Kaizen

üttana has produced high quality training videos that you can use! View Course Catalog

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Don't take our word. See our testimonials knows Lean, Six Sigma, and how to connect education to strategy. helps me connect with my employees so that that I can manage knowing my employees not manage by investigation - engagement is now guaranteed.
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Julie Williams
CEO at AgSolutions

Lean is about people; education is about people; and, too often technology actually creates a divide. With uttana we are truly cultivating people and connecting our vision to our employees' daily work and educational needs.
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Calvin Holte
COO, BD Diesel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the business model of

Simple, you only pay when an employee is actively learning in the respective month. If you do not have any employees actively learning then there is no charge for them. Take 1 to 100 courses same low fee. We have invented an elegant and economical pricing model!

Do I need to have videos?

Absolutely not, we encourage you to use what you have. We convert, upload your content, and make your unique organizational library. It's easy, you focus on managing and leading. We take the burden of work off of you. Simply mix-and-match courses.

How do you brand uttana as ours?

Easy, we create your domain within our platform labeled as yours. This presents itself to your organization as your own for your employees to access. Only your organization knows about your customized portal. It is private, secure, and centralized.

I have many facilities and sites how do you manage this?

We provide unique user IDs as you see fit. When other facilities sign up they are assigned a unique organizational ID routing them to their respective area under your profile. We designed the system with many sites and users in mind.

Empower your employees; profitable learning, linked to strategy!