• Group logo of How to: Elements of VSM
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    In this course on the elements of Value Stream Mapping, learn how to use and implement various tools and techniques to improve your workspace.

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  • Group logo of Value Steam Mapping and the Kanban System
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    This course provides both an overview of the Kanban System and how it integrates with Value Stream Mapping.

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  • Group logo of Value Stream Mapping Forms
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    In this course on Value Stream Mapping Forms you will learn the various ways in which you can measure, define, and document your processes and…

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  • Group logo of Phases of 3P
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    Key to implementing 3P in your organization is understanding the phases of 3P that you will go through.

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  • Group logo of Balancing Flow with Common Factory Design Concept
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    How does the concept of flow fit with a modern factory layout? Explore the challenges that can impede a solid flow design…

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  • Group logo of Flow Concept for Manufacturing Design
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    One of the key concepts to a successful Lean transformation is how the product ”flows” through your facility.

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