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Enna Capital Partners

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Executive Leadership Mentor & Partner at Enna Capital Partners


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Jun Nakamuro is the foremost expert in organizational design and re-design through applied knowledge. His top-level ability is exemplified in leadership, quality work, and exceptional results. Jun Nakamuro is a master of leading business transformation who brings valuable knowledge and experience from many industries. He recognizes the power of engaging people and augmenting human creativity with digital solutions to achieve organizational transformation and performance. Jun will realize your best return without additional investment by designing innovative management systems for your businesses supported by stronger leadership and modern technology.

Over the past decades, Jun has undergone extensive training in Japan and received official certification from Ohno’s most successful protégé, Hitoshi Yamada (Canon, Sony, NEC, Toyota, and others), following the TPS guidelines, the Ohno Method officially approved by Taiichi Ohno in 1990. Hitoshi Yamada has recognized Jun’s achievement and endorsed him as a successor to Ohno’s legacy outside of Japan.