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    There are many tools and techniques that can be used to support your Standard Work.

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    Computers are a primary element of any modern office, so it is important to apply lean tools to this area.

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    Kaizen events are all about tapping people’s creative problem solving abilities. This course will guide you through each important element of this decision making process.

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  • Group logo of Understanding the Modern Lean Office
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    Lean is not just for manufacturing environments, but also the office. This course provides context for the modern office in the Lean world.

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  • Group logo of Mixed Supplier Runs
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    Mixed Supplier Runs (also known as “Milk Runs”) are a defining element of the Lean approach to supply chain management.

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  • Group logo of Utilizing SMED Forms for the Best Advantage
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    The difference between mediocre results and amazing results when implementing a new system is often the effectiveness of the tools that are used.

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  • Group logo of Using Time and Motion Study for Process Improvement
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    Time and Motion Study is not just about recording and evaluating performance. In order for this data to be of value, it must be used to make processes…

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  • Group logo of Phases of 3P
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    Key to implementing 3P in your organization is understanding the phases of 3P that you will go through.

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  • Group logo of 16 Catch Phrases of 3P
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    Gain an understanding of how these catch phrases will assist you in your 3P implementation .

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  • Group logo of Inventory Management
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    Inventory is one of the easiest wastes to identify. However, it is also one of the hardest to completely eliminate because there are often situations…

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  • Group logo of Packaging and Containers
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    Many organizations do not put enough though into the types of packaging materials they use within their supply chains.

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  • Group logo of Value Steam Mapping and the Kanban System
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    This course provides both an overview of the Kanban System and how it integrates with Value Stream Mapping.

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  • Group logo of Comparing 3P to Other Methods
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    Because 3P promotes a radical change, it is good to gain a perspective on the differences between 3P and other production and process styles.

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  • Group logo of Pull Signals in a Lean Supply Chain
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    The concept of “pull” is vital for effective implementation of Lean. This course shows how pull systems can be established within a supply chain using…

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    By utilizing the forms of Standard Work you will ensure your implementation is smooth and successful.

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    In order to extend lean principles throughout the entire supply chain, communication is critical.

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