Course Curriculum

Lean’s Advantages Over Mass Production
5 minutes
The Principles of the Lean Methodology
Successful Businesses Utilizing Lean
Quiz – Why Lean?
15 minutes
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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Muhammad Ashir Muhammad says:

    Lean for everyone
    Excellent way of working

  2. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Good recap
    Well made course.

  3. Avatar of Norre Daroy Norre says:

    The quiz timed out before I could even start.

  4. Avatar of Oleksandr Andriitsev Oleksandr says:

    Brief and solid
    Brief and solid must see elementary lean knowladge for begginers.

  5. Avatar of Abu Hasan Abu says:

    Easy way of expressing

  6. Avatar of Dian Garcia Dian says:

    very educational and informational © All rights reserved . MT