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  1. Avatar of Marijana Masic Marijana says:

    100% done, but unable to finish?
    If you answer to LYDIA question, you’ll answer to me too. For this course, it sais CONTINUE COURS, but when I go to “continue” – it’s 100% done. So… what is your suggestion?

  2. Avatar of Lydia Evans Lydia says:

    Wheres the Quiz!
    Where is the Quiz Component? I am not able to complete the course until I am able to complete the quiz.

  3. Avatar of Vern May Vern says:

    Wheres the quiz?
    It seems that the quiz component allows the student to register that they have completed the course. This is needed here.

  4. Avatar of Walker Sterlin Walker says:

    P/Q analysis is a good starting point to focus the next study which the product family matrix. However I do not think that the link has been clearly established in the videos. Also histogram should show mean and standard deviation within a distribution curve. What you have is a bar graph not histogram. It would of been more practical to use a weekly Takt time for the selected family product in a real bell shape histogram distribution and see the variation of Takt over the year so that when making the VSM you can better organize the workforce and flow for a smooth demand compliance.

  5. Avatar of Brion Hurley Brion says:

    Good visuals on the Product Family Analysis chart. I was confused by the Histogram Analysis term. I would have called it Demand Analysis or Bar Chart or displayed the data as a Run chart. I use histograms for summarizing measurement data.

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