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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Willie Durham Willie says:

    A master improvement process

  2. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    nice & clear
    nice & clear

  3. Avatar of Sandip Jadhav Sandip says:

    Simple and easy to understand
    It is simple and easy to understand

  4. Avatar of yasser elkhadrawy yasser says:

    Simple and to the Point, Thank you

  5. Avatar of Fernando Escobar Fernando says:

    Nice presentation

  6. Avatar of Esteban Rodríguez Esteban says:

    Nice explanation!
    Thank you

  7. Avatar of Jon Rowling Jon says:

    Great introduction.
    Another great video which gives a very clear, concise explanation of Kaizen.

  8. Avatar of Ramon Molina Ramon says:

    A powerful tool for understanding how to apply kaizen
    This is a powerful tool for understanding how can kaizen be practically applied in the work place.

  9. Avatar of Jacqueline Stieger Jacqueline says:

    Useful short introduction to Kaizen Workshop
    Would be great to have a download possibility for some of the visual tools used in the kaizen Workshop.

  10. Avatar of Usman Malik Usman says:

    Useful Course
    This course is very useful and interesting. © All rights reserved . MT