The MPT Model – The Future of Innovation (April 6, 2023, 7:00am – 9:00am)

This session reveals how the MPT Model evolved in companies beyond Toyota following Taiichi Ohno’s departure and how Hitoshi Yamada has continued to perfect Ohno’s vision of True Kaizen.

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Dates and Times:

April 6, 2023, 07:00am – 09:00am (USA Pacific Standard Time, GMT -07:00)

Capacity: 25 participants

The MPT Model to Innovation

Part of our Premium Webinar Series by Collin McLoughlin, Officially Endorsed MPT Method Instructor

This session reveals how the MPT Method evolved in companies beyond the automotive industry following Taiichi Ohno’s departure from Toyota and how Hitoshi Yamada has continued to perfect Ohno’s vision of True Kaizen. The last half-hour will be a dedicated Q&A with Collin.

Key Topics:

The Future of The MPT Model

Learn how the MPT Model has evolved beyond Toyota and will continue to change in order to fulfill the needs of future products and customer needs.

Breaking Divisions within The MPT Model

Understand the problems with the division of labor and how to move away from this outdated method through greater engagement of flexible workers.

Yamada’s 3 Wastes

Discover Hitoshi Yamada’s refined approach to identifying and analyzing wastes in operations through streamlined categories.


MPT Model Webinar Series

This webinar series is your opportunity to learn from the Shingo Institute Award-winning co-author of True Kaizen and The MPT Model. Collin and co-author Toshihiko Miura are recognized as “elite, world-class, and leading the world in enterprise excellence“. This is your time to learn from Collin directly. You will clearly learn the role of leadership in initiating and sustaining a successful work climate and culture, which is overlooked by many experts who focus only on “tools” and “techniques.” The MPT Model addresses long-term needs with immediate results to create an organization that is sustainable in its innovation and has depth of innovation created at every layer of the organization.  This webinar series will set you on an advanced path to accomplish a True innovation culture.

More About Collin McLoughlin

Collin is internationally awarded and recognized as an industrial leader. He has been awarded the International Shingo Publication Award, distinguishing him as “elite, world-class, and leading the world in enterprise excellence”. He co-founded Enna Capital Partners to bring superior native applications of IP and technology to businesses that desire to break free of industrial norms and use technology to amplify people’s talent and accelerate value.

Collin, along with Jun Nakamuro, specifically sought knowledge from Taiichi Ohno’s only authorized successor, Hitoshi Yamada, who has mentored many top businesses. Collin saw the value and promise of Yamada’s evolution of the MPT Model, so he specifically invested with his business partner Jun Nakamuro whom spearheaded learning from Yamada-sensei over the course of 9 different Study Missions to Japan and many years. Since this transfer of knowledge, Collin and Jun have internalized the MPT Model and designed a specific comprehensive manual, taking their clients to unparalleled levels of success. We look forward to communicating this value to you as well. © All rights reserved . MT