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  1. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    One of the best courses here
    Good length and excellent content.

  2. Avatar of Borislav Tsvetkov Borislav says:

    Very useful and informative course.

  3. Avatar of Muhammad Irfan Muhammad says:

    Wonderful course

  4. Avatar of Hauke Sponholz Hauke says:

    Focus on production
    The Visual Management course focuses only on the production and how to visualize JIT processes. That was explained very well.
    I hoped to get some information about Visual Management in office Areas – these were missing completely.

  5. Avatar of Sebastian Velasquez Restrepo Sebastian says:

    Very Interesting and simple

  6. Avatar of Jeffrey Palmer Jeffrey says:

    Kink in the system
    I passed the test but the system still shows unfinished. Not updating.

  7. Avatar of Ambika Sriramakrishna Ambika says:

    All aspects of visual management have been covered very well

  8. Avatar of Xav G Xav says:

    Good course
    Good course for busy professional on the go. Informative but short and concise

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