Tools and Techniques of Hoshin Kanri

Key to implementing Hoshin Kanri is understanding how to use the tools and techniques that are vital to an effective Hoshin plan.

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Course Overview

Understanding how to use the tools and techniques of Hoshin Kanri is vital for creating an effective plan. This course will cover the various tools you can use and their individual benefits and contributions. From the use of PDCA and A3, to the concepts of Catchball and Hoshin Teams, this course will set you on the right track to Hoshin success.

Each of these important Hoshin Kanri tools is covered in its own video within this course. The videos include step-by step instructions for using important forms, and explanations of how each method is applied within Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and Kaizen practices.

Why take this course?

Hoshin Kanri uses a wide variety of tools as core components, and this course will teach you how to use them effectively.

What am I going to learn?

  • How the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) concept fits into Hoshin Kanri
  • How to charter different types of Hoshin Kanri Teams
  • How to properly utilize an X-Matrix to align objectives
  • How to make important decisions through the process of “catchball”
  • How A3’s are used to manage the pursuit of objectives
  • How to use a Porter Matrix to define your position in the marketplace
  • How to use SWOT analysis to better understand you organizations Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Who is the intended audience?

People who are familiar with the basic concepts of Hoshin Kanri should use this course to help them with real world implementation.

What am I going to receive?

  • Step by step instructions for utilizing important Hoshin Kanri forms and techniques
  • PDF transcripts for your review
  • A list of the terms used in the videos and their definitions
  • Power Point presentations to support your learning
  • Images from the videos to use as you wish
  • A badge rewarded upon successful completion of the course

What are the prerequisites?

A basic understanding of the purpose and benefits of Hoshin Kanri.

Course Curriculum

Using the X-Matrix to Align Objectives00:00
Making Cross-Departmental Decisions with Catchball00:00
Drafting A3’s for Problem Solving within Hoshin Kanri00:00
Using the Porter Matrix to Define Organizational Strategy00:00
Using SWOT Analysis to Understand Advantages and Disadvantages00:00
Quiz – Tools and Techniques of Hoshin Kanri00:15

Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Longer course than others
    Long, but generally good. Quiz questions not the best.

  2. Avatar of Alex Abraham Alex says:

    Hoshin Kanri in one hour
    Pretty good, ad-free, easy course.

  3. Avatar of wael abdelaal nasr wael says:

    clear explanation
    clear explanation.
    thank you

  4. Avatar of Luiz Alberto Modesto Junior Luiz Alberto says:

    Interesting course and nice explanation about to X Matrix.
    Very good!

  5. Avatar of michelle Stephany michelle says:

    Excellent course!
    This course can defiantly help us narrow down strategy and deploy necessary changes throughout the organizations! Thanks!! © All rights reserved . MT