Course Curriculum

Establishing a Visual Management Culture
Improving Interaction with Suppliers and Customers
Creative Visual Management Techniques
Continuous Improvement with Visual Management
Quiz – The Path to Visual Management
15 minutes
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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Syeda Rafia Tafseer Syeda Rafia says:

    Great Course
    Informative and well defined

  2. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Nice course
    Well made. Good examples as well.

  3. Avatar of Hauke Sponholz Hauke says:

    Great and creative ideas!

  4. Avatar of Peter Bruns Peter says:

    Great Overview
    Great Overview

  5. Avatar of Jim Beachler Jim says:

    great course
    liked the background of the reasons and the examples.

  6. Avatar of Ambika Sriramakrishna Ambika says:

    covers all the vital aspects.

  7. Avatar of Xav G Xav says:

    Good ccourse
    great course, short and concise, very good application. Learned some tools we can apply to our visual boards. The emoji idea was very good

  8. Avatar of Faisal Faruqi Faisal says:

    Love this one!

  9. Avatar of Rob Belson Rob Belson says:

    Great Course!!!
    This course covers some of the deeper and more subtle aspects of visual management. The parts that cover interpersonal topics were particularly helpful and inspiring. © All rights reserved . MT