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Choosing Managers for the Committee
Establishing Goals and Objectives
Kaizen Event Selection
Quiz – What is a Lean Committee
15 minutes
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  1. Avatar of Rick Jennings Rick says:

    Great module,
    well presented and easy to follow

  2. Avatar of shrish srivastava shrish says:


  3. Avatar of Chander Prakash Chander says:

    Retake quiz
    Retake quiz

  4. Avatar of Ashish Tewari Ashish says:

    Good Course
    Additional Benefit in Resume

  5. Avatar of Ashish Tewari Ashish says:

    Unlimited Access

  6. Avatar of Ashish Tewari Ashish says:

    unable to get certificate
    Need Call Back

  7. Avatar of Brajesh Roy Brajesh says:

    To implement
    it was a great learning

  8. Avatar of Ritika Joshi Ritika says:

    Good course
    Easy to understand.

  9. Avatar of Ashish Tewari Ashish says:

    Good Course
    Very Helpful

  10. Avatar of Shadat Ali Shadat says:

    Helps to improve your business

  11. Awsome
    It is not based on any field and everyone must learn this skills

  12. Avatar of Rajiv Kumar Rajiv says:

    well organised course.

  13. Avatar of Yashi Chaturvedi Yashi says:


  14. Avatar of sudheer Paliwal sudheer says:

    knowledgeable subject

  15. Detailed with ease
    Explained in detail for everyone to understand easily

  16. Avatar of Sanjay Bhandari Sanjay says:

    Happy to learn something new from here

  17. Avatar of Mohan Negi Mohan says:

    happy to see my marks

  18. Avatar of Atul Saxena Atul says:

    Good Trainign
    This platform is really good

  19. Avatar of Atul Rawat Atul says:

    Easy to understand

  20. Avatar of PANKAJ PACHOULI PANKAJ says:

    Great learning
    Good start to implementing lean structure in the manufacturing units.

  21. Avatar of Devendra Singh Devendra says:

    Good basic knowledge sharing.
    Basic knowledge providing for implementing a lean structure in organization.

  22. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    A well-made course.
    Not only an introduction, a well-made course.

  23. Avatar of Ishtiaq Rana Ishtiaq says:

    Excellent training methods
    A well structured lecture. The content is clear.

  24. Avatar of Ishtiaq Rana Ishtiaq says:

    Excellent training methods
    Simply excellent training methods used

  25. Avatar of Francis Harrington Francis says:

    Great Course
    Very informative

  26. Avatar of Josué Meneses Josué says:

    A great course
    Clear and easy to understand

  27. Avatar of Adrián Sánchez Muñoz Adrián says:

    It is the first course which I do and it was very intesting. I will go on doing more course about lean to know more about this topic.

  28. Avatar of John Chepkwony John says:

    A great introduction on Lean committee.
    A well structured lecture. The content is clear.

  29. Avatar of Atul Dhavle Atul says:

    Nicely designed course..!

  30. Avatar of Harshendra Poojary Harshendra says:

    best for knowledge
    it was a nice and knowledgable test

  31. Avatar of Ambika Sriramakrishna Ambika says:

    Simple and well organised
    Simple and well organised

  32. Avatar of Brendon McLoughlin Brendon says:

    Simple and easy to digest
    Simple and easy to digest

  33. Avatar of Dean Clarke Dean says:

    Great introductory level and a good stepping stone.

  34. Avatar of Chhunlay Thay Chhunlay says:

    Great starting point
    Good start to your lean journey

  35. Avatar of jackson1 lord1 jackson1 says:

    Quiz section
    It’s quiz section is very well.

  36. Intro course for getting kaizen events started
    informative and short. I think It gives enough info to start from scratch for those who have not prior training. © All rights reserved . MT