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  1. Avatar of Vikas V.K Vikas says:

    Simple and effective

  2. Avatar of Ravinder Singh Ravinder says:

    Good Course

  3. Avatar of Glen Spendlove Glen says:


  4. Avatar of John Sinitean John says:

    Excellent trainer
    very good lessons

  5. Avatar of Jeffrey Palmer Jeffrey says:

    Kink in system
    I passed the test but the system still shows unfinished. Not updating.

  6. Avatar of Luiz Alberto Modesto Junior Luiz Alberto says:

    Nice explanation!

  7. In-depth
    This VSM Lesson provided a clear understanding on the topic. It also clarify the definition of takt time and cycle time in contrast to what other textbooks would say.

  8. Avatar of Faisal Faruqi Faisal says:

    Loved this one!

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