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  1. Avatar of Ashit Kumar Roy Ashit Kumar says:

    Excellent crisp and compact

  2. Avatar of Brian Atchison Brian says:

    Good information
    Good information

  3. Avatar of Sarfraz Akhter Sarfraz says:

    usefull content

  4. Avatar of Surjit Singh Surjit says:

    Excellent overview of VSM
    Value stream mapping explained by the trainer in a very effective manner

  5. Avatar of Michelle Wiggins Michelle says:

    Good Detail
    Good overview of Value Stream Mapping

  6. Avatar of Alexandre Trelut Alexandre says:

    Nice Intro
    It gives a nice understanding of VSM

  7. Avatar of Manoj Kumar swain Manoj Kumar says:

    Very useful
    It gives a basic understanding about the VSM and its importance in any organisation.

  8. Avatar of Ashish Jain Ashish says:

    very informative

  9. Avatar of Parvesh Kumar Parvesh says:

    Value stream mapping

  10. Avatar of Kunal Chavan Kunal says:

    good but add more content

  11. Avatar of Shadat Ali Shadat says:

    Value stream mapping

  12. Avatar of Rajiv Kumar Rajiv says:

    value stream mapping
    good theory of mapping work

  13. Avatar of Mohan Negi Mohan says:


  14. Avatar of Yashi Chaturvedi Yashi says:

    Well explained in short term

  15. Detailed with ease
    Precisely explained for the beginners to understand easily

  16. Avatar of Priyanka Sagar Priyanka says:

    it was a gread learning session

  17. Avatar of Vaibhaw Kaushik Vaibhaw says:

    Fantastic course
    Good content

  18. Avatar of Dasari Venkatesh Dasari says:

    A simple and basic information regarding value stream mapping

  19. Avatar of Vikas V.K Vikas says:

    Good introduction to the course

  20. Avatar of Ramesh Kumar Ramesh says:

    Great learning of tools using for VSM
    Very Good

  21. Avatar of Phanendra Devineni Phanendra says:

    Great Intro to the concept.

  22. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    good starting point
    A good starting point to learn about VSM.

  23. Avatar of rohu madeka rohu says:

    Good explanation from trainer

  24. Avatar of Marcus Kuhn Marcus says:

    Very interesting basics of VSM.

  25. Avatar of Bert Ahlers Bert says:

    Good elementary introduction to VSM
    Good basics to understand what a VSM is and a first idea of what is covers

  26. Avatar of Glen Spendlove Glen says:

    1. Useful material
    2. Thank you for the quiz
    3. Please provide a way to turn off music
    4. A useful link for Pareto Analysis … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbDRH2ASyqQ

  27. Avatar of Ankit Sinha Ankit says:

    very simple concise way of giving an overview…loved it

  28. Avatar of Muhammad Irfan Muhammad says:

    Good start
    The course has been arranged very beautifully.

  29. Avatar of Oscar Pinto Oscar says:

    This course is excellent!!!!

  30. Avatar of Luiz Alberto Modesto Junior Luiz Alberto says:

    Interesting overview about the topic. Very nice!

  31. Avatar of Wilson Sitanggang Wilson says:

    Very clear defines for value stream mapping

  32. Avatar of üttana Support üttana says:

    Quizz Error
    Thank you for identifying the issue. We have resolved the issue. Please try again.

  33. Avatar of Raúl Sáenz Raúl says:

    Question Error
    Question #3 on quiz

    What is a Value Stream Map?

    Marked Answer :A detailed map of all the steps and processes required to transform a product from raw material to final product

    Is it a wrong answer?
    Quiz mark it as wrong

  34. Avatar of Faisal Faruqi Faisal says:

    Excellent overview of the VSM. No university or professor will ever teach you what Philip explained in this course. Amazing!

  35. Avatar of Jimmy Foley Jimmy says:

    This course gave me a great insight into VSM and how I can implement this in my organization to visualize values for our customers.

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