Course Curriculum

Understanding Visual Management and the Reasoning Behind it
Defining the Characteristics of a Visual Workplace
4 minutes
How Visual Management Relates to 5S
An Overview of Visual Management Devices
Quiz – Introduction to Visual Management
15 minutes
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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Darlene Yu Darlene says:

    Visual Management
    excellent material

  2. Avatar of Willie Durham Willie says:

    An everyday review

  3. Avatar of Raghu Harsora Raghu says:

    Good course to encourage students in lockdown time.

  4. Avatar of Ishtiaq Rana Ishtiaq says:

    Excellent training methods
    Very effectively 5S methods are explained

  5. Avatar of Thinesh kumar Thinesh says:

    How to visual
    Dear sir,
    I ‘ve got knowledge how to visual which are the things to visual and very easy to learn

  6. Avatar of Thinesh kumar Thinesh says:

    How to visual
    Dear sir,
    I ‘ve got knowledge how to visual which are the things to visual and very easy to learn

  7. Avatar of Dasari Venkatesh Dasari says:

    Very good information

  8. Avatar of gnana prakasam gnana says:

    Visual manegement
    Simple and easy to understand VM

  9. Avatar of Ramesh Kumar Ramesh says:

    Visual Management
    Many visual chart in the learning course helped to understand about visual communication

  10. Avatar of Jose Licop, PMP Jose says:

    Simple and concise
    Simple and clear. Easy to understand

  11. Avatar of دكتور أمجد خليفة دكتور says:

    excellent course
    very informative and simple course

  12. Avatar of Adrián Sánchez Muñoz Adrián says:

    Visual management introduction
    Very interesting this first course about visual management, I have learned a lot.

  13. Avatar of Surjit Singh Surjit says:

    Visual Management at a Glance
    This course gives me good information about the visual Management

  14. Avatar of Hristo Dzhenkov Hristo says:

    Simple and easy to understand

  15. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Excellent course for Lean basics
    This course is a great way to get introduced to Lean and of course the Visual Management as the course title says.

  16. Avatar of Surjit Singh Surjit says:

    This is very simple short to the point information on visual management

  17. Avatar of Robert Hall Robert says:

    Visual Management
    Excellent presentation in a short course!

  18. Avatar of giuseppe tumminelli giuseppe says:

    Very good introduction to VM.

  19. Very good
    The course contents were very relevant and very helpful

  20. Avatar of Khai-Boon Chai Khai-Boon says:

    Introduction to Visual Management
    Extremely good introduction to Visual Management with examples of daily lives and nature.
    The videos also show various easy to understand examples which can be applied directly to the workplace.
    For the quiz part, we need to save our answers in order to submit in the end. (It maybe common sense but there should be simple explanation to indicate that)

  21. Avatar of bouzidi houssem bouzidi says:

    simply, its the fruit of visual management

  22. Avatar of Tender Thel Tender says:

    Simple and easy to understand

  23. Good explanation
    Good video presentation with actual photos from actual implementation area.

  24. Avatar of SAID NACIH SAID says:

    Introduction to visual Management
    Visual Management is a strategy that seeks to make information easy to interpret and immediately available.

  25. Avatar of Nigamananda Pradhan Nigamananda says:

    Once more time Big Thanks …

  26. Avatar of wael abdelaal nasr wael says:

    simple and easy to understand
    thank you for this simple and understandable course, yet valuble

  27. Avatar of yassine Mellak yassine says:

    Very constructive and clear course. Thank you

  28. Avatar of Indra Bayu Nafari Indra says:

    Overall very good. Just have problem with video player that failed to play

  29. Avatar of Jacqueline Stieger Jacqueline says:

    good introduction –
    would be great to have some of the named visual Tools also as download

  30. Avatar of David Liew David says:

    Just nice!
    Short n sweet

  31. Avatar of Vijay Reddy Vijay says:

    Excellent intro to Visual Management!
    Simple, short, ‘visual’ course on Visual Management!!!

  32. Avatar of Bradford Harris Bradford says:

    Clear and Concise
    Good material and the videos were short and sweet

  33. Avatar of Bob Smith Bob says:

    Intro to Visual Management
    Sounds like some really good info

  34. Avatar of JOE OCHOA JOE says:

    I love this just what i needed

  35. Avatar of Dan Andrade Dan says:

    Great intro to visual management.

  36. Avatar of Mayra Avalos Mayra says:

    I enjoyed the course.

  37. Avatar of Laura Castro Laura says:

    The explanation is very clear and concise.

  38. Avatar of Robert Stapp, CSSBB, CLP Robert says:

    I enjoyed this course. It explained visual management in a very concise and simple way.

  39. Avatar of Pat Andersson Pat says:

    Visual Management
    A good start to learn and apply on everybody’s work environment.

  40. Nice!
    I enjoyed the course very much. © All rights reserved . MT