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  1. Avatar of Nandhini Tamil Pandian Nandhini says:

    Excellent and easy to understand

  2. Avatar of mary-ann wheeler mary-ann says:

    Great Concept


    5s studies
    V good knowledge getting with this side.

  4. Avatar of Malik Ashir Murtaza Malik Ashir says:

    Good Understanding
    Video Helped to understand better.

  5. Avatar of SURESH KAPITI SURESH says:

    every one must aware about 5s FOR PRODUCTIVE AND HASSLE FREE

  6. Avatar of Arun Mourya Arun says:

    Very nice
    The overall course was very nice.

  7. Avatar of Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed says:

    very good course
    very good course

  8. Avatar of Mohamed Shalaby Mohamed says:

    excellent course
    great vedios

  9. Learning
    Excellent learning videos. Well explained.

  10. Avatar of Dilip Macwana Dilip says:

    It’s is for knowledge

  11. Avatar of Dilip Macwana Dilip says:

    Good experience

  12. Avatar of Rupal Sharma Rupal says:

    Excellent experience

  13. Avatar of Vivek Sarswat Vivek says:

    Good course, Very informative

  14. Avatar of Ankit Patel Ankit says:

    Very Good Course
    Excellent course concept

  15. Avatar of Mahmoud Awad Mahmoud says:

    excellent, very informative, lots of information is less words

  16. Avatar of Muhammad Zakaria Muhammad says:

    Introduction to the 5S Concept

  17. Avatar of Tanveer Siddiqui Tanveer says:

    excellent, very informative, lots of information is less words

  18. Avatar of puspa ram puspa says:

    Introduction to the 5s concept,is very nice and easy understand

  19. Avatar of Kunal Chavan Kunal says:

    good but not best
    could be better if more content is added.

  20. Avatar of Kumar Satyam Kumar says:

    For all
    It’s a very good course to make understood,for every one who belongs with industry.

  21. Avatar of Shivam Shukla Shivam says:

    Nice Course and theory

  22. Avatar of VINOD PACHAURI VINOD says:

    very good process of 5s

  23. Avatar of Lakhan Dabi Lakhan says:

    Provides introduction & familiarization to 5S

  24. Avatar of Ritika Joshi Ritika says:

    It helps me a lot to learn about 5s concept and to make good and healthy environment around workplace.

  25. good course
    very good course

  26. Avatar of Mahdi's Mahdi's says:

    good course
    very good course

  27. Avatar of Manish Kumar Saraswat Manish says:

    Very good course
    Very good course

  28. Avatar of VINOD PACHAURI VINOD says:

    very good for manufacturing unit

  29. Avatar of Shadat Ali Shadat says:

    Excellent course
    Help to improve

  30. Avatar of Rajiv Kumar Rajiv says:

    good way of maintenance process

  31. Avatar of Milin Shah Milin says:

    Excellent & Well Understood Course
    Excellent & Well Understood Course

  32. Avatar of Rajiv Kumar Rajiv says:

    very good process of 5s

  33. Avatar of Mohammad Shahid Mohammad says:

    Very Good
    It’s an amazing short course to understand basic of 5S.

  34. Avatar of Mohammad Shahid Mohammad says:

    Very Good
    It’s an amazing short course to understand basic of 5S.

  35. Avatar of VAISHALI PANWAR VAISHALI says:

    good platform to learn

  36. Avatar of Rajiv Kumar Rajiv says:

    good Platform training of 5S.

  37. Avatar of sudheer Paliwal sudheer says:

    Great platform for learning….

  38. Detailed with ease
    Simply and easy for everyone to understand the basic idea

  39. Avatar of Sanjay Bhandari Sanjay says:

    Great platform for learning….

  40. Avatar of Manish Ranjan Manish says:

    Very good
    Good training stuff easy to understand

  41. Avatar of Mohan Negi Mohan says:

    nice tick for course

  42. Avatar of Mohan Negi Mohan says:

    good platform for better understanding

  43. Avatar of Atul Saxena Atul says:

    Its a goods pleteform for learning

  44. Avatar of Atul Saxena Atul says:

    A good platform for learning

  45. Avatar of Atul Saxena Atul says:

    I thinks its a good platform for learning about training for all trainees. thanks a lot for give me this platform.

    Atul SAxena

  46. Avatar of ARUN KUMAR TIWARI ARUN KUMAR says:

    5s daily Routine
    It’s a process that will make a social human being.

  47. Avatar of Ashish Jain Ashish says:


  48. Avatar of Julian Nulty Julian says:

    Good Simple Introduction

  49. Avatar of Arpansinh Vansadia Arpansinh says:

    5s concept clear
    Good and the attachment file is well I like this content

  50. Avatar of Deepak Pal Deepak says:

    5S Online course
    very informative course material

  51. Avatar of Praveen Kushwaha Praveen says:

    Introduction to 5S
    Simple and easy to understand the introduction of 5s and its importance.

  52. Avatar of BILAL YOUSAF BILAL says:

    Great for Begineers
    A Wonderful initiative.

  53. Avatar of Karan Mali Karan says:

    Good introductory part.
    Can be beneficial for early stage leaner.

  54. Avatar of praful patil praful says:

    Good intro.
    Good introduction .

  55. Avatar of Waqas Javed Waqas says:

    Good course
    It is a good course. And it is very understandable. Thank You

  56. Avatar of Bilal Noor Bilal says:

    Informative and helping for all.
    Informative and helping for all.


    Good experience
    An excellent introductory course

  58. Avatar of Mudassar Nazar Mudassar says:

    Great Introduction to 5S. Worked as a summary for our workshop

  59. Avatar of Shahzad Ali Shahzad says:

    A nice course
    An excellent introductory course

  60. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    A Nice course
    A quick introduction to the topic.

  61. Avatar of Elnie Turtoga Elnie says:

    informative and helpful

  62. Avatar of andres claros castro andres says:

    Simple & Effective
    Great Introduction to 5S. Worked as a summary for our workshop

  63. Avatar of Noel Chapkowski Noel says:

    Great introduction
    This is a great beginner course that shows the initial concepts of 5S in a clear and concise way. It is applicable to any organization.

    Thank you!

  64. Avatar of john greene john says:

    great learning material.

  65. Avatar of john greene john says:

    good to know
    great learning material

  66. Avatar of Andrés Claros Castro Andrés says:

    Simple & Effective
    It was easy to understand the principles behind the 5S concept. The course arouses interest on continuing the Lean methodology research.

  67. Avatar of Brent Smallwood Brent says:

    Very well presented introduction to the 5S methodology.

  68. Avatar of Paulo Sousa Paulo says:

    Very well organized

  69. Avatar of b. kandhan b. says:

    it is very usefull

  70. Avatar of Mohamed Faqeer Mohamed says:

    It was amazing intro.
    the instructor explains everything in a simple and clear way

  71. Avatar of Rajesh Kumar Rajesh says:

    To implement
    great course pleasure to get this implemented in our environment

  72. Avatar of Rajeev Dubey Rajeev says:

    Excellent course and important to use these methodology
    Excellent course and important to use these methodology

  73. Avatar of Subir Gupta Subir says:

    Excellent Course
    Excellent course , valuable information shared in a simpler way.

  74. Avatar of Lisa Wu Lisa says:

    Nice free course
    It’s a nice course for the beginner who doesn’t know any concept of 5s.

  75. Avatar of chheang sokna chheang says:

    Introduction to the 5S

  76. Avatar of Mithun Mohan Mithun says:

    Simple and Short

  77. Avatar of ShadoW LiThiuM ShadoW says:

    So gréât and satisfaction course

  78. Avatar of Donald Ostrander Donald says:

    Good simple Introduction
    Easy to follow and understand.

  79. Avatar of Lee Bellis Lee says:

    5S training complete
    Very short and simple course from which the on your start of your lean journey as an employee or a company should be followed and used to make a company more leaner

  80. Avatar of richard taziker richard says:

    brilliant thanks for that

  81. Avatar of Gerard Ravasco Gerard says:

    Thanks… good intro to 5s

  82. Avatar of Pradeep Fernando Pradeep says:

    Excellent ,
    Thanks for Shawna and team .

  83. Avatar of Menzi Mahlaba Menzi says:

    Simply and straight to the point

  84. Avatar of karan singh karan says:

    great place for learners

  85. Avatar of Surjit Singh Surjit says:

    Excellent Opportunity to learn
    This is a great place to learn and stets your skills for the modern day industrial requirement .
    Wonderful experience & good impressive presentation

  86. Avatar of Namit Kumar Namit says:

    It is a good concept.

  87. Avatar of Lurthu Leo M Lurthu Leo says:

    Thanks for the best Tutorial for E Learning with Photo Graphs.

  88. Avatar of Atefeh Zamani Atefeh says:

    easy to understand.

  89. Avatar of Sandip Jadhav Sandip says:

    Easy to understand & well explained

  90. Avatar of Jorge Magalhães Jorge says:

    Good Introduction
    Easy and straightforward introduction to the 5S concept and advantages.

  91. Avatar of Luís Rodrigues Luís says:

    Great Intro
    Learnt some new concepts about 5S (e.g. the 5S teams)

  92. Avatar of Ligia Gonzalez Ligia says:

    “saving” option on each test question should not have been required

  93. Avatar of Vinod Kumar Vinod says:

    5S concept
    Awesome …….

  94. Avatar of Vladimir Vlas Vladimir says:

    SUPER ! :)
    Very good information! Thank you, SHAWNA! :)

  95. Avatar of Keith Showalter Keith says:

    Great Course
    Easy to understand.

  96. Avatar of Rian Grace Rian says:

    5s intro
    Great place to start.

  97. Avatar of Joseph Matsane Joseph says:

    Straight to the point.

  98. Avatar of Ahson Onn Ahmad Ahson says:

    Ahson Onn Ahmad
    Great information Shared

  99. Avatar of TUNDE BAMIDELE TUNDE says:


  100. Avatar of Sharonda James Sharonda says:

    introduction to the 5s Concept
    This was a great course!! very informative

  101. Introduction to the 5S Concept

  102. Avatar of Ashley Bankston Ashley says:

    Great information
    Great to know when either starting, or improving your business…

  103. Avatar of Matías Gacio Matías says:

    Basic, clear. Good way to start.

  104. Avatar of Tommy Key Tommy says:

    Great training
    Thank you for great training

  105. Avatar of Chuck Turpin Chuck says:

    Straightforward and easy to follow.

  106. Avatar of Marcus Kuhn Marcus says:

    well explained course!

  107. Avatar of Randy Polk Randy says:

    This course was very informative and straight to the point. Very good course.

  108. Avatar of SAID NACIH SAID says:

    Introduction to the 5S concept
    The 5S system is often the first step on the lean journey because the cleaning and organization standards of 5S provide a foundation for all future improvements.

    5S is a system of organization consisting of Sort, Set in
    Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain

    Full implementation of 5S requires 5S Teams include an Evaluation Team, a Photography Team and a Mapping Team

    5S helps a company:
    –  Stay organized
    –  Utilize space
    –  Flow efficiently
    –  Maintain an attractive appearance

  109. Avatar of Noah Odtohan Noah says:

    many learnings and easy to understand

  110. Avatar of John Saubert John says:

    Informative introduction to the 5S system.

  111. Avatar of Jesus Montijo Jesus says:

    Great introduction and easy to understand

  112. Avatar of Pedro Frade Pedro says:

    5S course
    Very simple and good way to start.

  113. Avatar of Pete Silver Pete says:

    New to me
    Great way to start

  114. Avatar of Suhanda Omer Suhanda says:

    5 S Cousre
    direct and simple course easy to understand

  115. Avatar of satyen bhatt satyen says:

    Nice Knowledge
    Hi very halpful 5s review and nice video please share 5s game for employees motivation and knowledge

  116. Avatar of Umesh Khanna Umesh says:

    great visuals, easy to understand 5S
    easy to understand , great video

  117. Comprehensible
    Good Introduction on the 5S Principles.

  118. Avatar of Kurtis Fafard Kurtis says:

    Very Helpful
    Easy to understand and teach

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