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  1. Avatar of Rashed Ejaz Rashed says:

    History of lean
    it was informative and interesting.

  2. Avatar of Marcelo Pahor Marcelo says:

    History of Lean
    Nice material

  3. Avatar of Ashok Ghodki Ashok says:

    Nice information
    I learned a lot with this course. It is very interesting.

  4. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Not only about Toyota
    Interesting course!

  5. Avatar of Murthala Muthunabeen Murthala says:

    History of Lean
    Nice knowledge information

  6. how good to know origine of Lean

  7. Avatar of Emmanuel Ako-Adjei Emmanuel says:

    Great Information
    Incredible background information. Reminds me of history lessons,
    How LEAN evolved with results is amazing. no wonder even healthcare is also using LEAN approach.

  8. Avatar of Cesar Jimenez Cesar says:

    Really valuable information
    Good content

  9. Avatar of Rob Belson Rob Belson says:

    Very Interesting
    I learned a lot about the origins of Lean with this course!

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