History of Lean

This course covers the time leading up to Lean Manufacturing’s inception, including the key people, and events in history that shaped how Lean…

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Course Overview

This course delves into the history of Lean Manufacturing. It covers the time leading up to Lean Manufacturing’s inception, including the key people, and events in history that shaped how Lean thinking was developed.

Expand beyond the Toyota Motor Corporation and delve deep into how Lean and its related philosophies, transformed industries worldwide. Learn what King Henry’s Venetian arsenal, Eli Whitney’s interchangeable parts and Henry Ford’s Model T have contributed to Lean learning and how you can tap into their innovative spirit. Trace the course of history as each generation brings fresh ideas to the concept of Lean and efficient operations.

Did you know that laws in Germany restricting auto sales actually helped Toyota improve their production techniques? This course is jam packed with historical examples on how changing circumstances required groundbreaking innovation.

Why take this course?

To solidify your understanding of Lean’s foundations sometimes you have to take a look at its history. As each event or historical figure is addressed you will see how today’s Lean philosophy came to be.

What am I going to learn?

  • The previous methodologies from which Lean emerged
  • The influence that the Toyota and Ford Automobile companies had on Lean and Kaizen
  • What the major contributions were from each of the first Lean thinkers

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone looking to solidify their understanding of the historical context behind Lean and Kaizen

What am I going to receive?

  • An overview of the history of Lean
  • A PDF transcript for your review
  • A list of the terms used in the videos and their definitions
  • A Power Point presentation to support your learning
  • A badge rewarded upon successful completion of the course

What are the prerequisites?

A basic understanding of the tools and techniques of Lean

Course Curriculum

Quiz – History of Lean00:15

Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Not only about Toyota
    Interesting course!

  2. Avatar of Murthala Muthunabeen Murthala says:

    History of Lean
    Nice knowledge information

  3. how good to know origine of Lean

  4. Avatar of Emmanuel Ako-Adjei Emmanuel says:

    Great Information
    Incredible background information. Reminds me of history lessons,
    How LEAN evolved with results is amazing. no wonder even healthcare is also using LEAN approach.

  5. Avatar of Cesar Jimenez Cesar says:

    Really valuable information
    Good content

  6. Avatar of Rob Belson Rob Belson says:

    Very Interesting
    I learned a lot about the origins of Lean with this course!

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