Exploring Internal and External Setup Tasks

Before you can improve your setup times, you must understand the differences between internal and external setup tasks.

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Course Overview

Before you can improve your setup times, you must understand the differences between internal and external setup tasks. This course defines both internal and external setup tasks. It also explains how to differentiate between these types of tasks, and how you can group them together to achieve the greatest benefits.

Skillfully analyzing and reorganizing the changeover process in this way will be a key difference between mediocre results and an exceptional SMED system.

Why take this course?

Grouping internal and external setup tasks is one of the key elements of SMED. This course will provide you with a solid understanding of this important changeover concept.

What am I going to learn?

  • How to recognize internal tasks
  • How to recognize external tasks
  • How to observe and record changeover tasks
  • How to analyze changeover tasks
  • How to group and sequence tasks based on type
  • How to make internal tasks external to improve changeover times

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone who wants to advance his or her knowledge of important SMED concepts.

What am I going to receive?

  • Videos that provide explanation and guidance for organizing tasks in SMED
  • PDF transcripts for your review
  • A list of the terms used in the videos and their definitions
  • Power Point presentations to support your learning
  • Images from the videos to use as you wish
  • A badge rewarded upon successful completion of the course

What are the prerequisites?

A basic knowledge of SMED principles

Course Curriculum

Grouping Internal Tasks Together00:00
Grouping External Tasks Together00:00
Making Internal Tasks External00:00
Quiz – Exploring Internal and External Setup Tasks00:15

Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Grigoris Papathanasiou Grigoris says:

    Great Course!
    Course with Value within OPS

  2. Avatar of wael abdelaal nasr wael says:

    excellent explaination
    excellent explanation, very informative course
    thank you

  3. Avatar of Peter Bruns Peter says:

    Great Overview
    Great Overview

  4. Avatar of Richard Nieboer Richard says:

    Great Course on SMED
    Well done and well explained. Information was great and the flow allowed for total understanding of the internal setup times. This exactly what Shigeo Shingo stated allowed him to bring Toyota’s setups from hours to minutes.

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