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  1. Avatar of Ilkka Taponen Ilkka says:

    Very good course, but quiz not well made
    The videos are excellent. Some of the quiz answers options were not clear, it seemed like a couple of them are correct, but you need to know what is the one the most right.

  2. Avatar of Murthala Muthunabeen Murthala says:

    Easy to understand the online process

  3. Avatar of Sadat Shams Sadat says:

    Good and Time Effective
    Excellent methodology for teaching

  4. Avatar of Daniel Struble Capeles Daniel says:

    Excellent course!
    This video is well done!

  5. Avatar of Brendon McLoughlin Brendon says:

    Excellent detail but surprisingly longer than other modules
    This was surprisingly longer than other earlier modules and perhaps could be broken up inline with the matching 5 steps of Jidoka in order to avoid bottle-necking so many quiz questions at the end. I’d also like to see a wider acknowledgement of 3P applications in transactional processes / services for example.

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